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This usually involves visiting the company to evaluate the needs and expectations. Many solutions simply involve using a company's existing tooling in an inventive way and training the users. Other solutions will involve creating addins and utilities. The company has built up a library of tools and utilities over the years which can be brought to bare and modified quickly and easily hence solving a companies problems quickly and at low cost

Optimizing Processes
Much of what Chalford IT do is concerned with streamlining a company's processes. The company believes that the tools should be modified to conform with the companies process and not the other way round. Front ends can be added, behaviour changed, change control procedures and output routines generated to ensure a company efficiently sticks to its own processes

Streamlining Mandrolic Tasks
If you find yourself cutting and pasting data from one tool to another, or spend endless time formatting reports generated from tooling, or anything else repetetive then you need Chalford IT's help! There is probably an easy solution to your problem