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Linkset Viewer

This tool is designed to show the database structure through evaluating the linksets, the tool can show the modules linked in a particular link module or can work specifically from a source module and recurse outwards

To install the utility download the file using the following link, then simply run the executable. This will place a specialist shortcut on your desktop, which you should use to test the tool. You may wish to modify the shortcut if you have specialist doors servers or use your own project and module addins. You can also choose to download the Help file seperately (note that the help file is included in the tool download)

Download Linkset Viewer from Here

Download Linkset Viewer Help File


The tool will install a new shortcut, on firing it you should see a menu as follows on the database window

The tool has a help file installed with it, you should use this to see what it can do for you. The tool will display linksets in png format. Very complex graphs and relationships can be modelled by courtesy of the powerful freeware graphing tool graphviz which underlies the LinksetViewer.



PSPad DXL Plugin

A text editor is really an essential tool for any DXL writer. I have used several over the years, but my favourite is PSPAD. The following download will apply my DXL plugin to PSPAd and install PSPad if it is not already installed. The next screenshot highlights what the plugin gives you. Please download the release notes for more details. Note that the release notes are included in the Plugin download

Download Release Notes

Download PSPad DXL Plugin

The screenshot shows some of the plugin features. Seeing the errors in the editor and clicking on them to go to the relevant line is perhaps the most useful one