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About Us

Chalford IT is owned and run by Richard Good, he is at present the only consultant, details of his experience follow

Richard Good


Extensive experience in writing DXL and supporting the administrators/users of several large databases. I have written hundreds of tools to solve generic problems and also to provide specific solutions/ fixes to individual problems.

Some of my achievements are listed below: -
Coded and helped to design a customer/ supplier interface for use by our suppliers who do not use DOORS (to do this I utilised my strong Visual Basic skills and OLE Automation knowledge)

Designed and Coded a fast and efficient Word Exporter, this exporter is considered by the company to be better than the IBM equivalents of WEXP and DocExpress and has been in use for the last five years. Wouldn't need to do this today as the Publishing Engine tool is now up to the job.

I advise on the co-ordination of requirement writing and verification activities, how to efficiently administer access rights and promote rich traceability through suites of tools.

I helped design and was solely responsible for implementing a requirements change process which also incorporates a customer/ supplier interface element.

I have compiled many tools for generating metrics. I have generated a hazard log system, which modifies several modules simultaneously through the use of forms and links.

I have generated a DOORS Visio interface that exports a hierarchy of DOORS objects into a GSN diagram.

I have designed and coded a traceability tool which creates dynamic or permanent views of data for modules connected through the links (this works on one or more levels and is better in many ways than the traceability/Impact Wizard)

I have generated a tool that allows users to enter their test results where the test is attached to several requirements, but the pass fail criteria for each test/ requirement pair may be different. This technique involves the use of forms and link attributes

I am experienced in writing and presenting DOORS training courses