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DOORS Visualizer Ready for Demonstration

Powerful Integrations and Utilities. Vastly Experienced in DOORS and Office Customisations

Chalford IT is a software consultancy that specialises in modifying and integrating systems engineering tooling to efficiently model company processes. Chalford IT creates integrations and addons for IBM DOORS, Serena Dimensions, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Word. Experience gained utilising and adapting these tools means that a deep understanding of application interfaces, OLE Linking and inter process communication has been acquired. This relates to the stated tools, but experience gained in integration on these tools also allows the company to quickly learn/ evaluate and integrate other tools. Notable achievements include the formulation of a company specific change control system using DOORS and TeamCenter, many metric generation schemas concerning the output of statistics from DOORS to Excel, a company word exporter, an attribute transfer tool for DOORS (vastly superior to the inbuilt traceability wizards), schemas to communicate information with customers and suppliers, schemas to integrate the verification and proving function with the requirements function, modelling of hazard logs, integration of DOORS with the Rhapsody Modelling tool. The company has substantial expertise in Visual Basic, Java, DXL (DOORS scripting language), XML, AHK and is particularly strong at finding and using freeware/ shareware and little used techniques to efficiently solve problems.

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DOORS Visualizer tool, ready for demonstration

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